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Introduction to the Special Issue.

The idea for this special edition of the Journal of Global Initiatives on the impact of new communication technologies and media on education abroad arose not only from my own fourteen years of experience teaching and directing study abroad programs to Greece, Turkey, and Italy; it also stems from my many conversations with other study abroad faculty and professionals. Indeed, study abroad faculty and other international educators around the world have witnessed dramatic changes in the ways that students, faculty, and staff communicate, interact, research assignments, and conceive of multimedia projects during study abroad experiences.

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M. Todd Harper is Associate Professor of English, Kennesaw State University. Since 2005, he has directed study abroad programs to Greece, Turkey, and Italy. He now focuses on helping to develop Kennesaw State University’s international facility in Montepulciano, Italy. Since 2010, he has directed 15 programs at the facility, including KSU’s large summer session, its innovative first-year fall program, a culinary program, and a Great Books program.

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