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This is the full issue of Volume 13, Number 1 (132 pages).


  • Introduction to the Special Issue by Dan Paracka
  • Vasco da Gama's Voyages to India: Messianism, Mercantilism and Sacred Exploits by S. M. Ghazanfar
  • The World Parliament of Religions, the Swami, and the Evangelist: Contextualizing Late 19th-Century American Responses to Hinduism by Anne R. Richards
  • Connections and Disconnections: The Making of Bombay/Mumbai as India's "Global City" by Ravi Ghadge
  • India's Unbalanced Urban Growth: An Appraisal of Trends and Policies by Purva Sharma
  • Housing for All in India and Its Future Sustainable Development by Nadia Shah
  • Is India Becoming more Liberal? Globalization, Economic Liberalization and Social Values by Tinaz Pavri

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