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January 2018


This article examines the current state strategy of political homophobia used by the Russian government to create a sense of national identity by scapegoating Russian homosexuals as "foreign agents," reinforcing the power of the governing elite, and distracting people's attention from government misconduct.

Author Bio(s)

Nikita Sleptcov received his bachelor degree in political science from the Ul'yanovsk State University (Russia) in 2012. While a student, he received multiple awards from the Oxford Russia Fund Scholarship for excellence to support his studies. He also led the Ul'yanovsk Youth Branch of Russian political science association. After graduating, he worked in various political bodies in Russia until 2015 when he received a Fulbright Scholarship. Since then, he is doing his Master's in political science at the University of Louisville, Kentucky. His interests are political homophobia, political usage of homosexuality and sexual citizenship.

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