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Editor’s in Chief Note


It is with great pleasure that we bring you this fourth volume of the ICA Institute’s Journal of Emerging Knowledge on Emerging Economies (JEKEM). JEKEM within a short time frame is evolving into a journal that brings to attention topical research in a wide range of critical issues on emerging economies. As the western economies jump from cliff to cliff, emerging economies have also become mired in an eddy. Thought leadership such as those provided in this issue of JEKEM can provide a guiding light as we swim to shore. In that vein, this issue of JEKEM has contributions from authors from around the world on topics ranging from comparative studies of Foreign Direct Investment Flows in India and China, Reducing Regional Disparities in Argentina and Zicosur, and Industrial Clusters in China and Kazakstan to Business Acument of Chinese B-School graduates, and from Land Acqusition legislation in India to the shift from unorganized to organized retail in Jammu. These are topics that are at the forefront of current discussions among policy makers, industry and academia and we hope that you will find it as enlightening as we do.