The software industry is important for developing countries to integrate into the world information and communication market. In China, the software industry experienced a boom due to huge domestic demand and deeper internationalization driven by FDI from developed countries and export to world market. This paper is to review current export performance of software industry of whole China at first, and then further the studies on new features of software industry development from princes (cities) level. The paper finds that the Chinese software industry experienced high speed export growth,meanwhile, driven by government encouragement policy and FDI inflow, software industry in China’s central and western capital cities experienced rapid development in terms of industry income and export value. While the gap of development scale in China’s eastern, central and western regions has become smaller, there is no evident lead for eastern region to demonstrate significant superiority in terms of technological intensity of leading software products and service. One reason to account for this phenomenon is that software industries in different regions show no evident differentiation and share similar development strategies.