A collection of published articles from members of the Department of Instructional Technology at Kennesaw State University.

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Submissions from 2016

Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, and Turnover Intention of Online Teachers in the K-12 Setting, Ingle M. Larkin, Laurie Brantley-Dias, and Anissa Lokey-Vega

Submissions from 2014


Graduates' Reflections on an Online Doctorate in Educational Technology, Julia Fuller, Mary Risner, Laura Lowder, Barry Bachenheimer, and Mark Hart


Grab a MOOC by the Horns, Anissa Lokey-Vega


Analyzing Flying Chameleons: Using Autoethnography to Explore Change in the Female Educator, Leslie Pourreau

Submissions from 2013


Identifying Complex Cultural Interactions in the Instructional Design Process: A Case Study of a Cross-border, Cross-sector Training for Innovation Program, L. Roxanne Russell, Wanjira Kinuthia, Anissa Lokey-Vega, Winnie Tsang-Kosma, and Reeny Madathany

Submissions from 2012

Brain Games as a Potential Nonpharmaceutical Alternative for the Treatment of ADHD, Stacy C. Wegrzyn, Doug Hearrington, Tim Martin, and Adriane B. Randolph

Submissions from 2010


Educational Adequacy Litigation in the American South: 1973-2009, Mike Dishman and Traci Redish

Submissions from 2002


Instructional Use of the Internet in China, Robert Zheng, John R. Ouyang, and Feng Rui