Date of Award

Fall 10-25-2019

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education in Instructional Technology


Instructional Technology

Committee Chair

Julie Moore

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Jo Williamson

Second Committee Member

Julia Fuller


As technology becomes more ubiquitous in society, education cannot ignore the impact it is having on education. This research seeks to understand how Digital Native educators are using Digital Habitats in their professional practice. By gaining a deeper understanding of how educators use Digital Habitats, including their tools, like hashtags and pins, we can begin to develop ways to incorporate these skills into our teacher preparation programs. The knowledge gained from this study can help administrators, technology leaders and coaches to better understand their Digital Native teachers and how they are using these technology tools in their professional practice. This qualitative study was conducted with six public-school Digital Native educator participants. Data was collected in the form of interviews, focus groups, digital archives, observations and documents. The data was coded, categorized and analyzed for thematic revelations. Some of the key findings supported established literature and others extended and refined the current knowledge base. Overall, the findings of the study demonstrate the participants’ interesting and excessive usage of their Digital Habitats personally and professionally. The gregarious nature of the Digital Native educators in this study supported their infusion of Digital Habitat elements into their personal and professional landscapes