Date of Award

Fall 11-17-2021

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education in Instructional Technology


Instructional Technology

Committee Chair

Dr. Laurie Dias

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Dr. David Glassmeyer

Second Committee Member

Dr. Anissa Vega


The purpose of this phenomenographic study was to acquire a better understanding of the lived experiences of 12 secondary mathematics teachers who integrated one-to-one technology into their classrooms as part of a district-wide one-to-one technology initiative. Transcripts from semi-structured interviews were analyzed to elicit and describe different ways in which secondary mathematics teachers experienced the phenomenon. Data analysis showed teachers experienced technology integration in classrooms based on their attitude towards using technology. Those who expressed positive attitudes used technology to support modeling mathematics, differentiate learning, problem-solving, expedite grading, and provide instant feedback to students. Those who did not have positive attitudes refrained from using technology unless they had to. The results will be useful for educators, teacher educators, instructional and technology coaches, administrators, and district leaders to understand the phenomenon of one-to-one technology integration through the actual experiences of the secondary mathematics teachers, improve instructional technology practices in the classrooms, identify the need for effective professional development based on the teachers’ experiences specific to the content area they work with, and to develop district-wide policies regarding technology integration in the classrooms. Recommendations for future research suggested including larger sample size across different grade levels and content areas and looking more closely into how the external variables affected the teachers’ acceptance to one-to-one technology.