Date of Submission

Fall 12-10-2023

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy in International Conflict Management (Ph.D. INCM)

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Dr. Volker Franke

Committee Member

Dr. Tyler Collette

Committee Member

Dr. Darina Lepadatu

Committee Member

Dr. Hrair Balian


With these four shocks – the financial collapse, the October 2019 uprising, the COVID pandemic and the Beirut Port explosion on August 4, 2020 – striking almost simultaneously, Lebanon’s socioeconomic and political situation is at high risk for conflict. Growing sectarian tensions, extreme poverty, and skyrocketing unemployment rates, all form fertile ground for conflict. Using survey methodology, this dissertation examines the hopes, fears, social dominance orientation, and social cohesion among members of different sectarian groups to find out how they feel in light of the four shocks and whether there is a propensity for conflict or even another civil war. Focusing my research on the District of Zahle in Lebanon, I examine the extent to which respondents are united in response to the four shocks and how that affects their sectarian, political, and other demographic identities.

Available for download on Monday, December 09, 2024