Immigration Scholarship: History, Trends and Development in Global Immigration



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Date of Submission

May 2022


Spring 2022



Professor Name

Dr.Sabnam Ghosh


The research topic being explored focuses on hardships that immigrants face before, during, and after migrating into the US. Over the years immigration has changed in many ways, for better and for worse. Immigration has become such a difficult and tedious process, which can absolutely take a toll on the mental health of the people who just want to move and start better lives. Violence and crimes also play a major role in why people are looking to flee from their home countries in the first place. Moreover, the research will provide a closer look into the violence and crimes that immigrants are faced with, while also exploring how these things can be traumatizing and cause a lot of emotional damage.


Immigration, Trauma, Mental health


Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling | Mental and Social Health | Other Mental and Social Health

How does trauma experienced during immigration affect mental health?