Immigration Scholarship: History, Trends and Development in Global Immigration

Immigration in regard to Economic Labor and Reform



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Date of Submission

May 2022


Spring 2022



Professor Name

Dr. Sabnam Ghosh

Publication Date

Spring 5-2022


In the last two presidencies, the United States economy has gone through much development regarding immigration and labor. Many key factors of growth in the economy can be identified pertaining to immigration, such as job fulfillment, innovations, and more productivity. Immigrants arrive in the United States with impressive skills that are needed for many occupations. They also run many of their own businesses and provide food and hospitality services for everyone. A common question that many US citizens wonder is “How do immigrants advantage the United States economy?” By bringing in new skills and ideas that had not been discovered by United States citizens, the United States is provided with the vast majority of their business owners, entrepreneurs, and skilled workers. This research project will respond to the recent effects on America’s economy due to immigration their labor experiences by exploring academic journals, videos, statistical data, news articles, and personal interviews. Different studies have shown the dangers of potential long-effects that can arise from the absence of assistance with these occupancies. Currently, the United States is in great need of labor assistance which immigrants provide an abundance of help in. Due to Covid-19, the economy and job market have drastically changed. Job shortages are increasing, and immigrants strive to take these positions and provide America with efficiency. Unfortunately, it is quite a difficult process for immigrants to find a well-waged job position, as they go through many risks to provide for themselves and/or their family, and prevent them from poverty or violence. So, it is necessary that immigrants are able to find opportunities to have a chance at a more successful and safer life. To sum it up, the United States economy has had several effects from immigration and the labor that it encourages, and this project will explore the factors of these topics.


immigration, economy, labor


Illegal Immigration


Administrative Law | Immigration Law | International and Comparative Labor Relations | Law and Economics | Law Enforcement and Corrections | Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility | Unions

Immigration in regard to Economic Labor and Reform