Immigration Scholarship: History, Trends and Development in Global Immigration



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Date of Submission

May 2022


Spring 2022



Professor Name

Sabnam Ghosh


This reading focuses on research specific to Crime Rates against the LQBTQ+ immigrant community in South American Countries during the 2000’s era to current times. It illustrates the difficulties asylum seekers face in the United States while also discussing crimes that happen to immigrants of different sexualities and gender orientations. This emerging topic of gender and sexuality of immigrants will pertain to societal as well as political factors. Typically in rural and communist countries, the government outlaws the LGBTQ community and has the strictest consequences for individuals who are a part of that community . Living with consequences of that statute is dangerous for them because it leads to homocide, suicide, violence, discrimination, ect. Immigration and fleeing for asylum is often how they cope and find safety with their sexuality.


Immigration, LGBTQ, Asylum Seekers, Reform, Citizenship, Persecution, Violence, Descrimination


LGBTQ Immigrants


Literature in English, North America, Ethnic and Cultural Minority

Lgbqt Immigrants Coming to the United States: The Problems They Face