Semester of Creation

Fall 10-26-2023

Submission Type


Professor Name

Shuchita Mishra

Course Number

ART 3600

Course Title

Illustration 1

Description of Work

An album cover for a playlist containing songs from both the band Fall Out Boy and the band the Electric Mayhem. The album cover depicts original characters dressed in the style and outfits of the Electric Mayhem (Dr. Teeth and Janice) and Fall Out Boy (Patrick Stump and the boy from the cover of American Beauty/American Psycho).

Description of Assignment


For this project, you have been given the task

to design the vinyl cover of your playlist.

Here's how you will approach this:

1. Make your playlist with a general theme in mind like: lounge, party, coffee shop, relaxing music

2. Think of the artists you'd like to include in your playlist (they have to belong to a genre type)

3. Next sketch out the album art (vinyl cover design) for two artists out of that playlist.

  • Keep a moodboard at hand too

4. In the class, based on critique, you'll pick out one sketch to finalize.

  • Keep typography in mind.

Final pieces will be inked and colored using rendering techniques taught in class.


Playlist and 2 sketch submission

Line Art/Flat Color Submission

Final Submission


10X10 (Vinyl Dimension)

Inside Record cover art


- Use composition elements to draw the attention of the viewer on to the focal point

- A color scheme representative of the genre, culture and audience of the band

- Use textured brushes for special effects

- Use line weight or patterns to add depth to your pieces

- Appropriate typography

- Use appropriate fore-, mid- and backgrounds

- Remember to generate QR codes and link

your final art to it



Download Illustration (207 KB)

Electric Fall-Out Album Vinyl Cover

Included in

Illustration Commons



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