Song for Luna Vinyl Cover

Semester of Creation

Spring 3-21-2024

Submission Type


Professor Name

Shuchita Mishra

Course Number

ART 3600

Course Title

Illustration I

Description of Work

Vinyl cover designed for a spotify playlist themed around songs about the moon. Features a moon in the center with a silhouette of a woman's profile creating a crescent shape, along with decorative flourish around the border.

Description of Assignment

For this project, you have been given the task to design the vinyl cover of your playlist. Here's how you will approach this: 1. Make your playlist with a general theme in mind like: lounge, party, coffee shop, relaxing music 2. Think of the artists you'd like to include in your playlist (they have to belong to a genre type) 3. Next sketch out the album art (vinyl cover design) for two artists out of that playlist. Keep a moodboard at hand too 4. In the class, based on critique, you'll pick out one sketch to finalize



Download Illustration (667 KB)

Song for Luna Vinyl Cover