Semester of Creation

Spring 3-21-2024

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Professor Name

Suchita Mishra

Course Number

ART 3600

Course Title

Illustration I

Description of Work

This is an album cover for a playlist inspired by whimsical indie songs that I enjoy. The image of this work came to mind as I listened to the songs, so this work is my interpretation of that and an attempt to create a work that communicates the cozy, fantastical feelings the songs I chose elicit.

Description of Assignment

For this project, we were given the task to design the vinyl cover of your playlist. I made a playlist with a general theme in mind like: lounge, party, coffee shop, relaxing music. I chose the theme of whimsical indie songs. Then I thought of the artists I wanted to include in the playlist and added those songs. Next I sketched out the album art (vinyl cover design) for two artists out of that playlist and chose one of the sketches to finalize.



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Whimsical Indie

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