Travel Poster

Semester of Creation

Fall 10-2-2023

Submission Type


Professor Name

Shuchita Mishra

Course Number

ART 3600-01

Course Title

Illustration I

Description of Work

For the travel poster assignment, I went with the fantasy approach. I wanted to make personification of various mushrooms enjoying the environment around them. In the foreground, there are three mushrooms sitting on a log, two of the mushrooms are having a conversation while the one on the far left is looking at the scenery. The mid ground is a lake, grass and multiple cattails. In the lake, there is a mushroom person sleeping inside he lake while and another is swinging on a cattail. In the background, there are trees being covered by the grass in front of them and various mushrooms interaction either with each other or with the environment itself.

Description of Assignment

"In a strange twist on reality, you have been hired to create a promotional travel poster for a fictional world or place of your choosing. This poster has to attract visitors and present the place in its best and most intriguing light.

The place you choose can be an established fictional world, such as Narnia, The World of Edena, Wonderland or the Forest Moon of Endor or a world or place of your own creation. Accuracy is important, so full research is necessary, in both the printed word of the place’s creator and similar places on Earth and other real world analogues.

You are also creating the text design and slogan for the poster, so you have to create typography that is appropriate and compelling. You also have to design your illustration with a text overlay in mind. Be creative and have fun! (source: Chris K)

The final pieces will be inked and colored"



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Travel Poster