Semester of Creation

Fall 11-26-2023

Submission Type


Professor Name

Schuchita Mishra

Course Number

ART 3601-02

Course Title

Illustration 2

Description of Work

“Followers” is an editorial piece based on an article that discusses the dangers of young children (between the ages of 7-12) using social media, such as Instagram and TikTok. These apps expose them to a wide range of potential mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, and lack of self esteem. Although all age groups can be negatively affected by social media, children are especially susceptible due to their suggestibility and reduced ability to process harmful situations.

The little girl in the piece is engrossed in her phone while creatures loom behind her, emerging from the phone’s light. These creatures are physical representations of mental health issues, consuming this child’s mind while she doesn’t even realize it. Beside her lays a teddy bear, implying that she has abandoned her favorite childhood toy-and, in turn, her childhood itself-for the phone and all the addictive apps it has to offer.

Description of Assignment

You've been hired by an art director to illustrate the vision of a long format article.The editorial has to be contextual but also stirring to capture the attention of the viewer. For this project:

1. You'll research an article that strikes you as relevant or that is important to you.

2. You'll draw 10 storyboards around it to communicate its message.

3. Once the storyboards have been critiqued, you will combine them to come up with 2 sketches.

4. After your sketches have been approved by the class, you'll move on to finalizing your image.

Milestones for this Assignment Article Submission 10 - Storyboard Submission 2 - Sketch

Submission Final Editorial Piece Submission Dimensions 11x17

Requirements - Using Symmetry/ Asymmetry - Use of Perspective - Rule of Thirds or Breaking away from it - The Golden Mean - The emphasis and mood of your piece using color/ contrast, hierarchy, negative space and texture Notes - Use background, midground, and foreground elements - Use of light and shadow - Use of Negative space

Resources Editorial Illustration Examples - Behance /awesome-illustrators-to-follow-for-inspirati on-in-2021/ ic-design/editorial-illustration/



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