Atlanta Mural

Semester of Creation

Fall 11-26-2023

Submission Type


Professor Name

Shuchita Mishra

Course Number

ART 3600

Course Title


Description of Work

This is a mural that depicts the famous and historical factors that make Atlanta the city it is today. It is also chosen to have the founder of Atlanta, Richard Peters, as the center focus as he evolves from a working railroad constructor into the icon he soon became. On his suit is a variety of brands that are found in Atlanta to describe how this city has become one of the largest in the country.

Description of Assignment

You have been hired by your city council to create a mural about the latest developments in the city. It is time to research about your city and the changes that it has gone through in the past few years. The idea is to find a way to illustrate the past and the present. Do you like the changes that you see in your city? Is the change a good one? How can you represent your opinion and yet pay homage to your neighborhood?



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Atlanta Mural