Semester of Creation

Fall 10-10-2023

Submission Type


Professor Name

Mishra Shuchita

Course Number

ART 4600

Course Title

Advanced Illustration

Description of Work

A zine that dispels the myths around candy poisoning and what we can do to combat the issues going on around Halloween.

Description of Assignment

Research an article that is relevant and somehow personal to you. The more personal it is, the more you'll be able to conceptualize it visually

2. Think about how you could storyboard this idea and make it visually appealing 3. Break your ideas and dense data into simple visual elements

4. Based on class critique, pick out one of your storyboards and then Wow us! 5. During the critique, you will show us both your research summary alongside your interpretation as an editorial infographic Zine.



Download Illustration (39.4 MB)

Candy Poisoning and You!

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