Songs for Groovin'

Semester of Creation

Fall 10-22-2023

Submission Type


Professor Name

Shuchita Mishra

Course Number

ART 3600-01

Course Title

Illustration I

Description of Work

This work is an album cover for a playlist of songs to dance to. Jam along with the four band members dancing their hearts out!

Description of Assignment

Designing a Band Poster based on lyrics of a song using Patterns and Textures

  • Use composition elements to draw the attention of the viewer on to the focal point
  • A color scheme representative of the genre, culture and audience of the band
  • Use textured brushes for special effects
  • Use line weight or patterns to add depth to your pieces
  • Appropriate typography
  • Use appropriate fore-, mid- and backgrounds



Download Illustration (951 KB)

Songs for Groovin'