Date of Completion

Fall 12-9-2016

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Lance Crimm, M.S.E.E., P.E.

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Kami Anderson, Ph.D.

Faculty Advisor

Theodore Grosch, Ph.D.

Faculty Representative

Hai Ho, Ph.D.


A small, existing radar unit lacked the ability to automatically store the data it was receiving, which made its use clunky and cumbersome. A system was constructed to allow an on-board microprocessor to track distance traveled, and automatically store the data output from the radar unit to a portable memory unit for later data processing. Distance traveled is determined using a specially designed mobile cart, which electronically converts the rotation of a wheel into an electrical signal while also providing stability for taking accurate radar measurements. The output data from the radar unit is stored as a properly-formatted sound file to allow for immediate data analysis.