Date of Completion

Spring 3-14-2016

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Committee Chair/First Advisor

Liza Davis, PhD.

Faculty Advisor

Herbert Mattord, PhD.

Faculty Representative

Herbert Mattord, PhD.


This project discusses the feasibility of using ultrasound to transmit data between computer systems, particularly computer systems that have been intentionally cut off from traditional networks for increased security. The goal of this project is to provide a synthesis of the current research that has been done into the use of ultrasonic data transmission, and to conduct a series of tests determining the validity of certain claims made in regards to ultrasonic data transmission within the information security community. All research, experiments, results, and inferences have been discussed in the context of how they relate to the realm of information security. All security concerns discovered during the course of this project have been outlined at the end of this paper, and potential remediation strategies have been suggested.