Date of Completion

Spring 4-19-2019

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Faculty Advisor

Mir Atiqulah


This creative capstone project involves the conception, design, and creation of a less-than-lethal self defense device with an integrated sound board to control the acoustic element. Theoretically, this device is capable of deterring potential threats without causing any serious harm or any long-term damage. When starting this project, I was very focused on sonic warfare, and how to harness the power of ultrasonic and infrasonic sound waves to subdue to target; however, I concluded that using resonant frequencies to deter a human being is too dangerous, expensive, and can have negative effects for the user of the device if used incorrectly. After extensive research on acoustical properties, harmonic/resonant frequencies, and the science behind directing sound waves, I have created an efficient, effective, and safe way to add an acoustic element to my Senior Design project. I have accomplished this by adding a small Arduino Sound FX Board and two 1.5-inch drivers to an embedded horn on the underside of the device. The sound board and drivers will produce the needed frequencies while the embedded horn will direct the sound waves toward the threat and minimize reflections back towards the user of the device.