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Spring 4-27-2018

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Dr. Mahesh Gupta

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Dr. Mir Atiqullah

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Dr. Mahesh Gupta


Novelis is a company that specializes in metal casting, recycling, and rolling. They primarily focus on aluminum rolling for cans and car bodies but are an industry leader in numerous related areas. As the rolling process is not taught in most general engineering courses, Novelis periodically teaches new engineers and technicians about the specifics of this relatively mathematically complex process. Most of the current teaching methods are through PowerPoint presentations and group exercises, with minimal hands-on involvement. One of the most useful tools for teaching the rolling process is an actual jeweler’s rolling mill, which Novelis currently possesses, but is not adequate for use in a classroom environment. The goal of this project is to propose the various repairs and modifications to the current rolling mill, so that it may be used in future classes. The major design constraint for this project is that it should be useful in a classroom example where students set the mill height and mill various small strips of metal to determine if their calculations were correct for properly decreasing the thickness of the metal. There are also various utility, safety, economic, and ergonomic constraints and considerations currently involved in designing this mill, all of which are described in the following paper.