Date of Completion

Spring 4-27-2018

Campus Location


Document Type



Dr. Hisham Haddad

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Dr. Kami Anderson

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Selena He


The purpose of my Honors Capstone project is to deliver a mobile app prototype that is focused on improving the student experience at Kennesaw State University (KSU), called Fit Buddy. There are three key concepts that will be covered in this Proof of Concept project: social networking, fitness, and IoT (Internet of Things) usages.

Additionally, the purpose of the CS Capstone project is to deliver a mobile app that is focused on improving the faculty, student, and guest experience at KSU, called KSUGo. The primary objective and purpose in creating this stems from KSU’s many resourceful outlets, which we seek to compile in a clear and concise platform. This is to be done by providing useful information, making this information easy to access, and by delivering an app through a user friendly interface. The Honors Capstone project serves as the future continuation of the feature implementation that could be added into KSUGo.