Date of Completion

Spring 4-26-2018

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Mahesh Gupta, Ph.D.

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Kami Anderson, Ph.D.

Faculty Advisor

Mir Atiqullah Ph.D.


The focus of this report is the process used for material selection for components of an electric motor assisted stroller designed for a senior design project. Both Solidworks’ FEA testing and CES EduPack’s materials database were utilized to gather the necessary data to evaluate both material properties and component design parameters.

The initial selection process focused on gathering the necessary data and desired properties for each component system of the design. First finite element analysis was conducted on each component to find the maximum stresses encountered in operation. Then components were considered in terms of other important factors that might affect operation or the overall functionality of the system as whole. These factors include things such as corrosion resistance, environmental durability, machining cost, price, and thermal properties.

All the gathered factors and data were then used to compare potential materials found using CES EduPack’s material database. A single material was then chosen for each component system and tested under FEA analysis to ensure that a satisfactory factor of safety was found.