Date of Completion

Spring 4-19-2016

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Laura Palmer, Ph.D.

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Kami Anderson, Ph.D.

Faculty Advisor

Michael Lahey, Ph.D.

Faculty Representative

Jennifer Louten, Ph.D.


The contrast in the manner that students receive and interpret information has been a topic of conversation for years. It has been widely debated whether or not the addition of animations have any benefit to a student’s learning and grades. This study was conducted to discover if students learn better, in the context of Virology, from animations or diagrams when presented new information. Participants were chosen from students who attended Kennesaw State University. They were asked to meet in a classroom setting and presented either three animations or diagrams then asked to answer questions on what they had been shown. The results of this research were that students performed better after having had seen the animations. This paper discusses these findings and how they will apply to the educational system.

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