You Are Academia

Semester of Creation

Fall 12-2-2019

Submission Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Professional Writing (MAPW)

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Sergio C. Figueiredo

Course Number

PRWR 6850

Course Title

Web Content Development

Description of Work

Jason Faust’s You Are Academia presents the modern landscape of academia as a passive system of exponential growth. The core mechanic suggests the fundamental purpose of higher learning structures are meant to improve revenue and the quantity of works produced—not necessarily the quality of student education. This is a work of overt satire and takes roughly 20 minutes to complete.


The final project should be 5,000-7,500 words and include at least 6 original, self-produced, non-alphabetic media elements (e.g., videos, audio recordings, animation, digital games, GIFs, etc.). The media you choose to use should be purposeful and appropriate to your particular treatment of the collection’s theme, with at least three different kinds of interactive media being intentionally and purposefully integrated into your project.