Semester of Creation

Fall 12-2-2019

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Professional Writing (MAPW)

Professor Name

Dr. Sergio Figueiredo

Course Number

PRWR 6850

Course Title

Writing for Web

Description of Work


For my interactive media project, I chose to create an interactive fan website for the television show “Everwood”. The show aired on the WB network from 2002 to 2006 and followed renowned neurosurgeon Andy Brown as he uproots his family from New York City and moves across the country to small town Everwood, Colorado at the request of his recently deceased wife.

In a 2006 article shortly after the series finale, the New York Times described the show’s fanbase as “They’re too gentle, too discreet and too modest for that kind of fuss. Instead, they’ll keep reminiscing online about the poignant show, holding the DVD’s like a ring from a lost love, and one day—maybe years from now—they’ll just forget all about it.” (Heffernan, 2006)

In deciding what show to focus on for my project, I found that reporter’s opinion to be somewhat true. While there are many articles dedicated to reunions of the cast and speculation on a reboot, there is a definite lack of modern fan content. Other WB shows like “Dawson’s Creek” and “Gilmore Girls” have an abundance of Instagram accounts, Facebook pages, and dedicated podcasts. For “Everwood,” no such content exists. I wanted to design a website that would fill those gaps for a show that was a pioneer for its time.

The website, called Foreverwood after the series finale, hosts a blog, podcast, and interactive message board. The blog consists of my thoughts on topics and themes within the show as I rewatch the show for the first time in 14 years and allows readers to comment and reply with their own ideas. The podcast features an episode by episode review of the show and is linked to the website through an RSS feed. The podcast is also available for download on smartphones for on-the-go listening. The message board includes a space for fans to congregate and discuss various topics such as fashion, music, and characters of the show.

Description of Assignment

After your essay abstract is approved, you will begin to develop your interactive media project. As is usually the case, I expect that your proposed project will undergo structural revision (e.g., use of media, outline, etc.) as well as content-based adjustments in response to your particular research. This project requires that you use specific research methodologies ethically and purposefully as you compose the project. For the benefit of readers, you should either incorporate a discussion of your research methods and practices into the project itself.

In addition to the project, you should also submit an artist’s statement that addresses in detail your research focus, purpose and production process for this individual/collective project. The statement should be 2-4 single-spaced pages at 12-point font, with 10-point space between paragraphs, and include a title and list of references. Please see Sarah Hotchkiss’s guide to writing artist’s statements and Karen Atkinson’s artist statement guidelines.

The final project should be 5,000-7,500 words and include at least 6 original, self-produced, non-alphabetic media elements (e.g., videos, audio recordings, animation, digital games, GIFs, etc.). The media you choose to use should be purposeful and appropriate to your particular treatment of the collection’s theme, with at least three different kinds of interactive media being intentionally and purposefully integrated into your project.

Artist Statement.pdf (43 kB)
Statement of Purpose