Text By Mus

Semester of Creation

Fall 2019

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Professional Writing (MAPW)

Professor Name

Sergio Figueiredo

Course Number

PRWR 6850

Course Title

Web Content Development: Writing for Interactive Media

Description of Work

This is why I have created a Twitter bot to generate interactive thread-based creative writing in the form of short stories called Text By Mus as my interactive media project in the graduate level course Web Content Development: Writing for Interactive Media PRWR 6850 instructed by Dr. Sergio Figueiredo. The account features “choose your own adventure” stories written in the literary fiction style. I would like to use the Twitter bot to combat the mass-market production of what is called literature in lieu of digital fiction being just as good as classical, all-time great fiction. This project presents a software platform, Twitter, designed and implemented to support the creation of digital publishing organizations (DPOs) and to mediate the collaborative interaction among participants of the digital publishing process. I posit that as digital publications become the norm, the text making up these digital publications must retain literary merit and feeling out of necessity. My major goal is to support the entire digital publishing process, which may vary from DPO to DPO. Distinctive features of the design include facilities for users to define the structure, participants and genres handled by DPOs, as well as tools to support the processes involved in authoring, reviewing, publishing and using digital materials. Twitter is being used to generate a choose your own adventure in a thread-based narrative. The following text is titled Russian Blues and it serves as the base model for the Twitter bot Text By Mus.

Description of Assignment

The final project should be 5,000-7,500 words and include at least 6 original, self-produced, non-alphabetic media elements (e.g., videos, audio recordings, animation, digital games, GIFs, etc.). The media you choose to use should be purposeful and appropriate to your particular treatment of the collection’s theme, with at least three different kinds of interactive media being intentionally and purposefully integrated into your project.

The statement should be 2-4 single-spaced pages at 12-point font, with 10-point space between paragraphs, and include a title and list of references. Please see Sarah Hotchkiss’s guide to writing artist’s statements and Karen Atkinson’s artist statement guidelines.