Semester of Creation

Spring 2-10-2022

Submission Type

White Paper

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Professor Dennis Brown

Course Number

CYBR 7000

Course Title

Cyber law, Policy, and Enforcement

Description of Work

With the rise of people using the Internet more since Covid-19 started, there has been an increase in fraud cases that occur on the internet as well. Some of these frauds occur by way of romance scams, inauthentic products or even investment fraud. The single type of fraud that was researched and discussed below is the use of phishing emails to commit fraud. Here the perpetrator sends out the same email in a mass quantity, with hopes of getting as many people to fall victim to as possible. The email usually looks like it is legitimate and coming from your banker or other financial institution. The point of this email is to get the victim to “verify” personal information on the link sent in the email (Yar & Steinmetz, 2019). The personal information can be anything from bank account info, passwords, or social security numbers. Within this essay we look at different types of laws that pertain to this fraud and the policing efforts that go into combating or investigating it.