Semester of Creation

Summer 7-18-2022

Submission Type

White Paper

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Professor Michael Logan

Course Number

CYBR 7050

Course Title

Cybercrime Detection, Analysis and Forensics

Description of Work

A large concern expressed by the general public is the right to privacy when dealing with the cyber/online sector. One major factor that influences the privacy rights of people in the cyber realm is our fourth amendment in the United States. In this paper, the focus will be on the fourth amendment, privacy rights and how these pertain to the cyber world of individuals, companies and countries. Some of the points covered in the sections below include: an explanation of the fourth amendment, influential court case pertaining to the fourth amendment, companies right to privacy/ keeping their customers data private, various types of laws concerning cyber privacy, and recommendations on how to improve the grey area of privacy rights within the cyber realm.