3.01 April 2010 Financial Services Newsletter

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April 2010 Newsletter for Financial Services

Table of Contents:

In this issue:
* From the Desk of Dr. Roy

ASaP (Auxiliary Services and Programs):
* Tech Manager Wins Award
* How Social are We?
* Bookstore Debuts iPad
* Bookstore Partnership
* Copy/Print Contacts
* The Commons for Summer
* Summer Asphalt Planning
* Crosswalk at Central Deck

Budget & Planning:
* Budget Process Continues

Business Services:
* Conference Agendas & Provided Meals
* Planning a Trip?
* Bill + Payment by Mid-April
* New Waiver Forms
* Fund Groups
* What's Not Allowed?
* New Works Passwords
* Procurement Survey
* What's Up in Procurement?
* Congratulations!
* FY 2010 YE Deadlines

Card Services:
* Marketplace Upswing
* Help Us Help You
* Friend Card Services!

PMO (Project Management Office):
* Identity Theft Prevention

Also this month:
* Meet this Florida native, adventurer and artist, Assistant to the Vice President, Toni Waters
* Get to know this multi-lingual Canadian, Cashier Manager Patsy Lai

Guest Columns:
* Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow by Dr. Ernesto Pierre Silva
* Coles College Launches Partnership with b-school in India
* Confucius Institute Progress Report by Ken Jin