3.07 October 2010 Financial Services Newsletter

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In this issue:
* From the Desk of Dr. Roy
* Rai's Stock Selection

* Dr. Roy Signs with SAGE
* SAUPO Call for Papers
* Mumbai Business School
* Dr. Veliyath Presents to ELT
* Procurement Recognized
* New Column: Stocks
* Faye Silverman Published in NACAS
* Financial Services Slogan

ASaP (Auxiliary Services and Programs):
* New Bookstore System
* Spring Book Orders Due
* Social Media @ Work
* Catering News
* Reinventing the Parking Wheel
* Postage Increase Info

Budget & Planning:
* FY10 Year in Review

Business Services:
* Cash Advances for Travel
* Ten Tips to Save on Airfare
* Banner 8 Upgrade
* Move On When Ready
* Financial Reporting
* Georgia Summit Recap
* Receiving? Big Deal!
* Zero Check: What is that?
* Compliance & Purchasing Emails
* Bookstore Requisition Form
* Food Prior Approval Form
* Contract Management Principles
* Planning Purchases
* What's Up in Procurement?

Card Services:
* Marketplace News

PMO (Project Management Office):
* ePro/SciQuest KSU Kickoff

Also this month:
* Get to know this world-traveling native New Yorker, Assistant Director of Procurement Tonia Nixon
* Meet this Florida girl, gardener and knitter, ASaP Marketing Manager, Jo Ann Milholen

Guest Columns:
* KSU Program in Dance: Community Partnership Solutions by Ivan Pulinkala, Associate Professor and Director of Program in Dance