1.07 October 2008 Financial Services Newsletter

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October 2008 Newsletter for Financial Services

Table of Contents:

In this issue:
* From the Desk of Dr. Roy
* Spring Textbook Adoptions
* Budget: Filling a Vacancy
* BOR Internal Audit News
* Credit Applications
* Why bid small items?
* Revised P-Card Policy
* PeopleSoft Announcements
* Card Services' New Hours
* Bienvenido a Card Services
* Card Services 6 Sigma
* Marketplace News
* Parking Fines Increase?

Also this month:
* Meet the CPA, a native from ITP (inside the Perimeter) and fan of the ACC, head of ASaP, Faye Silverman
* Get to know this Ivy League Soccer Mom, Assistant Director of Procurement & Accounts Payable, Donna Bertrand