2.02 May 2010 Financial Services Newsletter

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May 2009 Newsletter for Financial Services

Table of Contents:

In this issue:
* From the Desk of Dr. Roy
* Burns Earns MBA
* Sanders Receives MPA
* Happy Birthday Faye!

ASaP (Auxiliary Services and Programs):
* Student Center Renovation
* Customer Appreciation
* Book Orders Due
* Bookstore Site Wins Award

Budget & Planning:
* Budget Update

Business Services:
* FY09 Deadlines
* T & E Changes
* Choosing a Vehicle
* Tuition & Fees FY10
* Procurement Rules? NOT!
* What's Up in Procurement?
* Trademarks & Purchasing
* Office Supplies Update

Card Services:
* Alumni Parking
* Card Services Operations
* Marketplace News

PMO (Project Management Office):
* FTC Red Flag Rules

Also this month:
* Get to know this KSU alumnus and PeopleSoft query magician, Jaimie Ward
* Meet this busy Mom, Navy veteran, KSU student, and Assistant to Financial Services AVP, Ashley Newman

Guest Columns:
* MPA Program Graduates New Cohort of Public Officials from South China, by Dr. Andrew Ewoh
* Fear Promotes an Unethical Culture, by Dr. Tom Creely