2.01 April 2010 Financial Services Newsletter

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April 2009 Newsletter for Financial Services Table of Contents: In this issue: * From the Desk of Dr. Roy * Lecture: Education Trends * Editor-in-Chief * Congrats Julie Peterson! * Audience Expands First Anniversary Messages: * A Message from Dr. Hinds * A Message from Dr. Roy ASaP (Auxiliary Services and Programs): * Print Shop 1.0 * Student Design Chosen * The Commons - Update * Cleaning Contract Awarded * New Stop for CCT Budget & Planning: * FY10 Budget Planning Business Services: * FY09 Deadlines * T & E Challenges * Process Improvement Plan * What's Up in Procurement? * Statewide/Agency Contracts * P-Card: Services & Software Card Services: * Next Gen ID Cards * Orientation PSA * Elaine Ferguson Published * Marketplace News PMO (Project Management Office): * Golf & Project Management Also this month: * Meet the world-traveling tennis shoe fanatic, Postal Services Supervisor Jan Wilson * Get to know this highly-experienced and inspirational budget professional, Belinda Pearson Guest Columns: * Global Learning & the Current Crisis, by Dr. Akanmu Adebayo * Global Center for Social Change, by Dr. Ben Johnson