Crystal and Molecular Structure of Tris[P,P,P',P'-tetraphenylamidobis(phosphine sulfido)-S,S')bismuth(III)

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The title compd. contg. 1 mol. of acetone is monoclinic, space group P21/c, with a 17.200(5), b 11.451(2), c 37.320(8) Å, and β 94.17(2)°; Z = 4 for dc = 1.455 and dm = 1.46(1). The structure was refined by full-matrix least-squares in a final R1 = 0.055 and R2 = 0.085. At. coordinates and bond distances and angles are given. Bi has a distorted octahedral geometry with Bi-S distances of 2.728-2.986 Å. The structure is compared to that of tris(S,S'-diisopropylphosphorodithioato) bismuth. Both complexes have 2 distinct sets of Bi-S distances with one set longer than the other; 2.76 vs. 2.89 Å. The steric crowding is also discussed.