Complexes of Bi(III) with Tetraphenylimidodiphosphinate Ligands

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BiL3 (HL = Ph2PONHPOPh2, Ph2PSNHPSPh2) were prepd. and characterized by chem. anal. and 31P NMR. The NMR singlets obsd. for both compds. indicate a highly sym. site symmetry such as Oh but the O-contg. complex exhibits a broader peak at room temp. than does the S analog. and low-temp. expts. resulted in further broadening of the signal of the O compd., which indicates rapid exchange of inequiv. environments and some type of nonoctahedral site symmetry in soln. A recent crystal structure detn. on the S-contg. complex showed no evidence of lone pair stereoactivity, as expected for a soft donor such as S.