Main Group Metal halide Complexes with Sterically Hindered Thioureas Part XVIII: The Synthesis, Characterization, and X-Ray Crystallographic Study of a BiCl3 Complex with 1-methyl-2(3H)-imidazolethione


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A new Bi(III) chloride complex with 1-

methyl-2(3H)-imidazolethione (meimtH) was synthesized and characterized via std. methods including solid state 13C NMR and single crystal x-ray diffractometry. The complex, BiCl3[meimtH]2.5·H2O, crystallizes in a triclinic space group. The complex has two different coordination spheres for Bi, which are linked together in the solid state via H bonding. One coordination sphere BiCl3(meimtH)3, is distorted octahedral with the ligands in meridional positions, while the other [BiCl3(meimtH)2]2 is a dimer consisting of two octahedra sharing a common edge through bridging Cl atoms. The ligands are cis to each other and trans to the Cl bridges, while the remaining four Cl atoms are trans to each other and perpendicular to the Cl-S plane. There is no strong evidence for a stereoactive lone pair in either coordination sphere.