Aluminum Sulfate and Sodium Aluminate Buffer Solutions for the Destruction of Phosphorus Based Chemical Warfare Agents

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Nerve agents VX and GB (sarin) are sequestered and removed by aluminum sulfate and sodium aluminate mixts. adjusted to pH 4 in soln. The products of hydrolysis are removed with the alum floc below NMR detection limits over time depending and the amt. of aluminum molar excess relative to agent. Half-lives for GB decompn. are 3.1 h and 1.1 h, resp., for a 120 and a 1200 M excess. For VX, the half-lives are 8.5 d and 2.9 d for a 240 and a 5000 M aluminum excess. In the case of GB, fluorine is sequestered as the hexafluoroaluminate ion. In the case of VX, no phosphorus contg. hydrolysis products including the very toxic S-[2-(diisopropyl-amino)-ethyl]methylphosphonothiolate (EA-2192) are detected in the hydrolyzate.