Summary Brief: Students' Use of Tangible and Intangible Attributes to Sell Themselves

Aberdeen Leila Borders, Kennesaw State University
Maria Kalamas, Kennesaw State University
Shane D. Smith, Kennesaw State University


Our aim here is to apply the Basic Sales Model to the hiring process where students act as sellers and employers operate as buyers. In so doing, we expand the said model to include both the tangible (e.g., cover letters, resumes, portfolios, etc.) and intangible (e.g., communication skills, professionalism, business acumen, etc.) attributes students offer and employers evaluate. Geared towards undergraduate and graduate business majors, our proposed framework aims to produce well-rounded business school graduates capable of selling themselves in professional contexts. Introduced into the business school curriculum, our approach will also aid marketing educators to better prepare students for their future academic and/or professional pursuits