A modified model of peer support in asynchronous online introductory accounting: is it effective?


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Low passing rates are common in asynchronous introductory accounting courses due to the challenging material and the online setting. While peer support involving knowledgeable peer assistants has been shown to improve face-to-face students’ performance, it is unknown whether it will be effective when used online. Another issue of traditional peer support is the low participation rate. This study implemented a modified peer support model that involved a direct peer assistant (DPA) actively engaging online introductory accounting students. We found that students with a DPA participated in substantially more peer-supported activities (PSAs), especially when their current exam performance was low. Further, PSA participants had more positive subsequent grade changes and visited learning and homework systems more frequently than non-participants. Overall, the study suggests that in asynchronous introductory accounting, peer support carefully designed to provide extra student engagement will achieve desired participation rates and increase student grades and effort.

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Accounting Education

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