Soldier Self-Regulation: Applying Self-Regulatory Concepts to the U.S. Army Context


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Army personnel operate in volatile and stressful environments where self-regulation is critical to maintain performance, health, and well-being. Though self-regulation is a malleable construct, the complex nature of both self-regulation and the Army context in which it is enacted makes a tailored application for individual development challenging. In this paper, we explore salient issues in the potential application of self-regulation concepts and techniques to the Army context. In doing so, we review leading conceptualizations and major theoretical models of self-regulation, discuss aspects of military professions in which self-regulation may be particularly relevant, and identify challenges associated with applying existing approaches to self-regulation in the Army context. Finally, we discuss promising self-regulation interventions for competency development that may be beneficial for the Army and highlight where future efforts should be directed.

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Military Behavioral Health

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