Self- and Team-Efficacy in Military Trainees: Development of Two Novel Military Trainee-Appropriate Assessments


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Many currently published studies examining elements of self- and team-efficacy in military personnel have not utilized military-specific assessments, thereby limiting the generalizability of their findings to the broader military population. The present study evaluates the factor structure and performance correlates of the Trainee Self-Efficacy Scale (TSES) and the Team-Efficacy and Training Climate Inventory (TETCI) in two samples of military trainees. Exploratory factor analysis was conducted in sample 1 (N = 481). Confirmatory factor analysis, measure validity, and structure validation were conducted in sample 2 (N = 442). Factor analysis results revealed the TSES was best represented by a three-factor correlated traits model including constructs related to performance confidence, performance uncertainty, and performance optimism. The TETCI was best represented by a two-factor correlated traits model including constructs related to team member efficacy and leadership climate. TSES subscales exhibited small or moderate correlations with assessments of soldier performance (e.g., physical fitness, land navigation, and confidence in rifle marksmanship) in the expected directions. The TETCI subscales exhibited small positive correlations with an assessment of team performance. Findings indicate that the TSES and TETCI are parsimonious measures (10 and 7-items, respectively) that have the potential to be useful tools for the continued assessment of military trainees.

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Military Behavioral Health

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