Psychological Capital, Strength Use, and Subjective Health: The Mediating Role of General Engagement


Psychological Science

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The concept of engagement has been extensively researched in the work setting. However, the study of predictors and consequences of engagement in daily activities has been more limited. Based on the new conceptualization of general engagement, a positive, fulfilling state of mind characterized by vigor, dedication, and absorption in daily life activities, we aim to test the role of psychological capital (PsyCap) and strength use as predictors of general engagement and test the mediating role of general engagement to explain subjective health. We collected data from 265 individuals living in Puerto Rico using an online questionnaire. Results of the mediation models using PROCESS macro in SPSS (v. 27) show that PsyCap and strength use were significantly related to general engagement. General engagement was also related to subjective health. The indirect effects of PsyCap and strength use on subjective health through general engagement were statistically significant. These results support the role of general engagement as a mediator between PsyCap and strength use. This expands the potential utility of engagement as an important well-being indicator in daily life and avenues for the promotion of well-being and health through interventions targeted to increase PsyCap and strength use.

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International Journal of Applied Positive Psychology

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