Immersive technologies and consumer behavior: A systematic review of two decades of research


Marketing and Professional Sales

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Immersive technologies, including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), and three-dimensional (3D) views, are digitally expanding consumers’ reality, enabling never-before-seen experiences. As these technologies transform from a quirky novelty into a ubiquitous utility for consumers, we analyze the advances of the past two decades of research that elaborate on the influence of immersive technologies on consumer behavior. While the past reviews in this area have focused on a limited number of immersive technologies or their application in a sole industry, we holistically analyze and compare the influence of AR, VR, MR, and 3D on consumer behavior across various sectors. We adopt an integrated TCM (Theories, Contexts, and Methods)-ADO (Antecedents, Decisions, and Outcomes) framework to systematically review 129 studies from high-quality academic journals. The findings from this analysis present implications for future research, theory, and practice. JEL Classification: M31 Marketing.

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Australian Journal of Management

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