Customer perceived quality of life in provider value cocreation: The mediating role of customer value cocreation and the moderating role of customer emotions


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This study aims to investigate the association between service provider value cocreation (PVCC) and customer perceived quality of life (QOL) in a healthcare service context. This study also examines the mediating role of customer value cocreation (CVCC) and the moderating role of customer emotions using a conditional process framework. To examine the conceptual model, data were collected through an online survey of 441 healthcare customers. The hypotheses were tested using covariance-based structural equation modeling (CB-SEM) and PROCESS macro. The results show that PVCC positively influences both CVCC and QOL. The effect of CVCC on QOL is positive and significant. CVCC plays a mediating role in the link between PVCC and QOL. In addition, the absence of negative emotion serves as a moderator in improving perceived QOL. Evaluating value cocreation efforts allows service providers to understand their readiness for supportive value cocreation practices. Service providers must also focus on customers' roles in the value cocreation process. In addition, handling customers' emotions should be of particular interest to frontline service providers, because it augments a positive value cocreation practice beneficial to CVCC and QOL enhancement. This study contributes to the value cocreation literature by proposing a framework that combines the value cocreation of service providers and customers in enhancing QOL. This study also explicates and validates the complex role of value cocreation and emotion in the healthcare service context. The theoretical and managerial implications are also presented.

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Journal of Consumer Behaviour

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