Strategic Information Systems (SIS) implementation at a bank in an emerging economy: implications for strategic enterprise capabilities and societal development


Information Systems and Security

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Strategic Information Systems (SIS) enable enterprise capability including competitive advantage and optimal performance. Attaining these strategic benefits is generally challenging for organizations and more difficult for entities in emerging economies. Void of these strategic benefits, the vast Information Systems and Technology (IS/IT) investments at organizations remain suboptimal. We seek to understand how financial institutions in emerging economies use SIS to transform their IT investments into enterprise capability. We use the IS capability model to study an Ethiopian bank’s SIS implementation. The case study bank has 80 years of service and 30 million customers. We conducted qualitative structured interviews with the bank’s executives, validated with industry experts, and performed a structural assessment. Our findings confirm matured business and technical talents but reveal concerns about the maturity of Organizing and Enterprise Level elements. We conclude with recommendations for research and practice.

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Information Technology for Development

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