Emerging Technology IS Course Design: Blockchain for Business Example


Information Systems and Security

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IS curricula require constant updating to accommodate the emergence of new technologies. Designing and delivering effective emerging technology courses within the constraints of existing programs remains an important challenge faculty face. This paper presents a template for approaching these courses from a learning theory perspective. Results of tests of this template, developed for teaching blockchain, indicate that it successfully strikes the balance needed in an IS program while simplifying the work of designing the structure of an emerging technology course. Additionally, this design was able to deliver this success in an online format, which can be a more challenging format for observing application of knowledge. Blockchain is a disruptive emerging technology opportunity for businesses to unlock value through trusted and “smart” peer-to-peer transactions, wherein smart means businesspeople can custom design processes for verification and transfer of assets. The blockchain example provided here includes a flexible 7-scenario design targeted to enable a constructive, project-based learning approach focused on authentic learning experiences. The template as applied to blockchain may be used directly or adapted for easier development of other emerging technology courses.

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Communications of the Association for Information Systems

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